Remote Sensing support, groundwater exploration

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Remote Sensing support, groundwater exploration

Tanzania 2016
Figure 6
The remote sensing data that we received from Groundwater Relief has proved to be of great interest and use during our quest to find more water for Mtendeli camp. I only regret that I did not ask for this information earlier. It confirmed some things that we already knew but also gave us some insight into new areas to explore with surface based geophysics and drilling. As we have now handed over our activities we made sure that all this information was also made available to other actors and UNHCR and I’m sure that it will continue to be of great use to them. Matt Arnold, MSF-OCA Water and Sanitation Advisor

Medecins Sans Frontieres Holland (MSF-OCA) commissioned Groundwater Relief to carry out a remote sensing study at Mtendeli Refugee Camp in order to identify potential large scale lineament features which may indicate regional aquifer systems.

Topographic and aerial magnetic data were used to identify potential larger scale lineaments located within the near proximity of the camps.

This remote sensing work has been supported by:

1) The Department of Geoinformatics, Salzburg University; and

2) Getech (

The data was placed onto an ArcView GIS online map to allow aid workers to view and interrogate the data in the field. This map can be viewed using the following link: