Water for the Forgotten Million

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Groundwater Relief is hosting their very first fundraising event in Totnes on August 31st - COME ALONG and join us when you can, donate where you can and spread the word how you can, to support Groundwater Relief and their work in Bangladesh. 

All money raised goes towards ensuring the sustainability of water supply for the Forgotten Million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Find out more about the event here: Water for the Forgotten Million

Our Mission

Groundwater has a critical role to play in the battle to eradicate poverty. Discounting glaciers and ice caps, groundwater makes up 99% of the available fresh water on the planet. Groundwater often provides a reliable and good quality source of water filtered and treated by the soil and rock.

However because groundwater is stored within rock and sediments, it is also more difficult to access, understand and manage sustainably. A lack of expertise leads to poorly designed and constructed water points and environmental damage with the longer term results of non-functioning infrastructure and broken promises.

Groundwater Relief, through a membership of over 260 groundwater experts, provides technical support to charities and water providers at key points in a project. 

We find the right people to develop groundwater resources professionally and sustainably, whilst building the capacity of local professionals, companies and institutions.

Please find out more by exploring our services and taking a look at some of our case studies.